Is it possible to wipe bad memories… in real life?


Some memories can haunt us for the rest of our lives, whether they be from a bad breakup or a catastrophic life event. But what if there was a method to fully forget about those memories? Can science help you forget your bad memories?

Memory is an extraordinarily intricate process; scientists used to think it was like a filing cabinet, with different memories stored in different parts of the brain.

Every time you recall a memory, your brain is activating and rebuilding again. In reality, every time you think about a recollection, you are physically modifying that memory in your mind. And each time, that recollection gets somewhat transformed to fit your current thoughts. Remembering is a creative and imaginative endeavor, which means that the more you think about old memories, the less accurate they become.

So, in the video you will be able to know whether it is possible to wipe memories good or bad as as we see in the movies. Can it be done in real life, or not?

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