Mitti Cool Refrigerator

The MittiCool refrigerator uses four kinds of clay to keep its contents cool. It is a renewable resource, which means it is cost-effective and environment-friendly. Of course, this method of cooling won’t work everywhere, since evaporative cooling only works in dry climates. But if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on energy, it’s a green alternative that will save you money and keep your refrigerator’s temperature 8 degrees lower than room temperature.

Mansukh Bhai’s idea for a non-electric refrigerator

Mansukh Bhai, a craftsman in Gujarat, developed a refrigerator that can work without electricity and uses clay. The idea was based on the concept of using less energy to heat and cool a room. His father and his employer dissuaded Mansukh Bhai, but he persevered and eventually started the project with 30,000 rupees. His vision was to make eco-friendly products that would not cost much to manufacture.


The idea came to Mansukhbhai after the 2001 Gujarat earthquake. He was devastated by the earthquake, but he didn’t let that stop him from engaging in business. He worked on improving his refrigerator design and contacted the Grassroots Innovation Augmentation Network (GIAN). After testing several prototypes, Mansukh Bhai was able to get the support he needed to bring his concept to the market.

It runs without electricity

The Mitti Cool refrigerator runs without electricity and preserves the natural taste of food. Its inventor, Mansukh Bhai, was affected by the devastating Gujarat earthquake in 2001 and decided to come up with a solution. After countless hours and repeated efforts, he developed the first prototype of the refrigerator. Within three years, he received his first order of 100 refrigerators, along with an advance of 2 lakh rupees.


The Mitti Cool refrigerator is made of terracotta clay and uses evaporative cooling to keep your food cold. This cooling method is extremely efficient and requires only a slight temperature drop. It is very energy-efficient and works well for storing water, milk, fruits and vegetables. It was even commended by president Pratibha Patil.

It keeps its contents 8degC below room temperature

The innovative technology used in the Mitti Cool refrigerator keeps its contents 8DegC below room temperature. It’s made of porous clay from Gujarat, which is naturally cool and doesn’t require power to operate. The water inside the holding tank evaporates on warm days, cooling the clay. This results in a lower room temperature than the contents of most refrigerators, which is important to preserve the freshness of dairy products.

The innovative design of this refrigerator is based on the principles of evaporation. It contains two chambers: the upper chamber contains water that seeps down into the lower chamber, which contains two shelves for storing food. As the water evaporates, the lower chamber maintains a temperature eight degrees below room temperature.

It is a pot-in-pot refrigerator

This unique refrigerator uses evaporative cooling to keep food cool. Instead of using electricity, the pot-in-pot cooler uses a pot with a porous outer pot and an inner pot that has a water or sand layer inside. The outer pot is then filled with fruit or soft drinks and covered with a wet cloth to prevent evaporation. The result is a refrigerator that looks like a traditional refrigerator but requires no electricity.


The refrigerator is able to maintain a low temperature inside the pot, thereby preserving the nutrients and vitamins of the fruits and vegetables. In addition, it does not produce harmful carbon gases and is durable enough to last for a long time. It should be properly ventilated so that it can deliver optimal cooling. It should be cleaned once or twice a week to keep its coolness high.

It is low on maintenance

The Mitti Cool refrigerator is low maintenance and eco-friendly. It preserves food for up to six days and liquids for three days. It also has a powerful cooling effect in dry climates. Its low maintenance also means less money and energy consumption for its owner. These fridges are ideal for rural areas where electricity is scarce.

It preserves the original taste of fruits and vegetables

A Mitti Cool refrigerator is an earthen refrigerator that runs without electricity and preserves the original taste of fruits and vegetables. It is an invention by Mansukhbhai. It works on the principle of evaporation. Water drips from the upper chambers and evaporates, taking away heat and leaving the chambers cool. A small clay lid sits on top of the upper chamber, and a small faucet tap sits on the front lower end of the chamber. The bottom portion of the chamber has two shelves to hold food materials.

The cooling process of the Mitti Cool refrigerator maintains the original flavour of fruits and vegetables for up to a week. It uses the same principle as earthen pots and does not require electricity or artificial energy. The refrigerator can be recycled, too, which makes it an eco-friendly refrigerator. A typical refrigerator can cost up to $80.00 a year to operate. To save money and energy, you can purchase an energy star-certified model.

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